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Special Features

The Gazette regularly delves deeper into topics that have been identified as strategic priorities for Memorial. From Indigenous Peoples to the environment to First World War commemorations, the Gazette’s team of contributors strives to demonstrate the depth and breadth of Memorial’s reach and impact locally, nationally and internationally — one story at a time. To access the Gazette’s latest special feature or any previously published special features, please explore below.

Welcome Week 2018

Part of a special back to school featuring student voices, student success and important resources available to Memorial University students.

Meet Memorial

A summer spotlight on some of the wide-ranging and important roles at Memorial and the faculty, students and staff who fill them.

Summer Jobs

Highlighting the research and support work Memorial’s faculty and staff members conduct during the summer months.

Spring 2018: Student Success

Celebrating the success of Memorial’s graduates. This feature coincides with spring 2018 convocation ceremonies.


Examining Memorial University’s impact on resource management, human energy, social power, energy and society.

Sustainable World

Showcasing Memorial’s leadership and expertise in a more sustainable Newfoundland and Labrador, with a particular focus on economic and social sustainability.